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How to create a list in a direct message in Slack

In Slack, click on the direct message with the person you want to start a list with

Type /todo followed by the task you want to create and press enter when completed

E.g. /todo Set up meeting for convention


You will be prompted to select the other participant of this conversation

In this example, it is Blake

The reason why we ask you to choose the other participant is because Slack views this conversation as private and does not provide our app with the information as to who is in the conversation.

We need to confirm who is in the channel to create the list correctly.

Choose the correct person in the channel.

You will be asked to confirm your choice. Press OKAY

The task will be created in the direct message with Blake and be shown in the Slack channel

You have now created a list in a direct message

To see the full list in this direct message, type /todo list

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