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How to create a list in a Slack channel

From Slack, click on the channel that you want to create a new to-do list in.

This can be a public or private channel.


In the Slack channel, create a new task by typing /todo followed by the task details.

E.g. /todo Update AWS platform.  Press enter.

This will create the task in the channel and this is the beginning of a list in a Slack channel.  

The default list name is "Open Tasks." You can create additional lists in the channel by using the drop-down message menu under the task.  Click +Create New List, then name your new list and hit "Save."  The task will then appear in your new list.

You can see all the open tasks in the channel, separated by list, by typing the /todo list command.   (This will only be visible to you, unless you click the "Share" button at the bottom.)

To access the tasks in the web app, you can either click the Open in Workast button above, click on one of the blue four-digit tasks IDs, or log in to Workast.  Channels in Slack become Spaces in the web app.

For more information on creating tasks in private channels, click here.

For more information on creating tasks in direct message channels, click here.

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