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How to create a new task

There are two ways to create a task with To-Do by Workast:

- Within Slack

- In the Workast web application


In a channel or direct message, type /todo, followed by the task details. E.g. /todo Send client invitations Monday 9am @martha

Press enter to create the new task

The task is now created in the channel or conversation.

All participants of the channel can view the task.

Workast web application

To get to the Workast web app, click on this link and login with Slack credentials.

On the left hand side, click on the space/channel that you would like to create a new task in.

If the channel is not shown here, head to the Slack channel and type: /todo list

This will create a new to-do list.

Click on "Add a new task" or the red + and this will show you where you can start typing your new task.  You can add a new task in any list in the space/channel.

Type the details of the task to create a new task and press enter to save.

Task has been created in the space/channel

For more information on tasks, including assigning tasks, setting due dates and completing tasks, please refer to our Quick Start guide found here.

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