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How to complete a task

There are multiple ways to complete tasks, including:

  1. Using the Slack drop-down message menus and buttons
  2. Using the /todo done command in Slack
  3. Using the Workast web application

Using the drop-down message menus and buttons in Slack

  • To bring up a list of tasks in a channel, type /todo list.  You can also bring up all of your tasks in any channel by typing /mytodo list.  Either command will bring up a list of tasks.
  • Once the list is shown in the Slack channel, use the drop-down message menu under the heading "Select a task to mark as completed" to select a task.  One the task is selected, it is marked as complete.
  • The channel will be shown a notification that the task is complete.
  • Tasks can also be completed using the drop down menu when they are first created, and in your todobot channel when you are either reminded about or assigned a task by selecting the "complete" button.

Using the /todo done command in Slack

  • To complete a task using the command line, simply type /todo done followed by the four digit blue task ID.  For example - /todo done T112

Using the Workast web application

  • To get to Workast, click on this link and log in with your Slack credentials
  • Click on the list that contains the task that you want to mark as complete.
  • Navigate to that task, and click the grey check mark to the left of the task name to mark the task as done.  You can mark multiple tasks as complete, one right after the other
  • The completed task will move to the bottom of the list, under the "Completed Tasks" heading

How to un-complete a task

You can undo a completed task in Workast by clicking on the green check mark.  This will mark the task as not complete, and move it to "Open Tasks" in the same list.

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