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How to complete a task on my personal to-do list

There are a few ways to complete a task on your personal to-do list that will be covered below:

  • Slack message menus
  • Workast web application

Slack message menus

Firstly, go to the direct message with todobot.

This is where you create all of your personal tasks.


To view your personal to-do list, type: /todo list

This will bring up your personal to-do list, and all of the tasks you are assigned to.

At the bottom of the list, is the "Message Menus".

Select the task which is to be marked as done from the message menu

The task is marked as done in the list

You can continue with the same process to mark multiple items as complete in your personal to-do list

Workast web application

To get to the Workast web app, click on this link and login with Slack credentials.

From the left hand side, under Spaces, click on Personal

Click on the list that you want to mark a task as done, and find the task you want to complete from the Open Tasks

Click the grey tick to mark a task as done

You can click multiple tasks as done, one after the other

Tip: You can also undo a task and open a completed task by clicking on the green tick. This will put the completed task back into "Open Tasks"

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