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How to set and edit the due date of a task

There are multiple ways to set a due date:

- In Slack while creating a task

- In Slack after task creation using the drop-down message menu

- In Slack using a command

- In Slack using the drop-down message menu under a /todo list

- In the Workast web app during task creation

- In the Workast web app after task creation

Setting a due date in Slack

When creating a task in Slack:

  • When you create a task in Slack using /todo you can set a due date and time by typing the due date in the task details.  You can use either an exact date, or a day of the week.  For example: /todo book caterer April 4 9am or /todo webinar planning 4/8/18
  • Please note - the date and time can be in any format recognized by Slackbot, but must be set in the future.  You can create a task that is due the same day, but you must specify a time later than the current time.  For example, if it is currently March 1st at 12:00 pm, you could create a task /todo Emergency meeting 3/1 2pm.

Using Slack buttons and message menus:

  • You can add a due date after you have created a task by using the drop-down message menu
  • After the task is created, click on the message menu, and scroll down to "Set Due Date."
  • A new field will be created which will allow you to enter the due date and time.  There are suggested due date options that you can use, or you can type your own date and time.
  • You can also use this method to edit an existing due date

Using Slack commands:

  • Set a due date for an existing task or change an existing due date by typing /todo due with a task ID followed by the date and time - for example, /todo due TXXX 10/30 5pm.

Using the drop-down message menu after using /todo list

  • Use the /todo list command in the channel that contains the task to be updated
  • Select your task from the list
  • In the action menu, select "Set due date"
  • A pop-up will appear, allowing you to either enter the due date and time or choose one of the suggestions from the list
  • Click "Submit" to finalizing the change

Setting a due date in the Workast web app

After you login to Workast with your Slack credentials, you can create tasks and include due dates during task creation, as well as edit existing tasks to update the due date.


Setting a due date during task creation:

  • Click on "Add a new task"
  • Type your task title, adding the due date and/or time at the end of the task title.  For example, if you wanted to create a task fill out the new employee paperwork, with a due date of Friday at 12 pm, you'd create a task Fill out the new employee paperwork Fri 12pm
  • If you would like to add an assignee at the same time, hit tab and select an assignee.  Otherwise, hit enter to complete the task.
  • Workast recognizes dates and times in the same way that Slack does, so you are able to enter either the day of the week or the calendar date to create the due date.  

Setting or editing a due date after task creation:

  • Click on a task to expand it
  • Click "Select a due date" if there is no due date, or click on the existing due date
  • A calendar screen will open.  Either type in the due date and time, or use the calendar to select the due date.
  • Click "Save" to confirm the change.  To remove an existing due date, click "Remove."

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