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How to unassign a task from myself or a team member

  • Find the task that you want to unassign from yourself or a team member.  If you're in Slack, you can click on the blue four-digit task ID to open the task in the web app.  (As a reminder, typing /todo list will bring up a list of open tasks in the channel you are in, while /mytodo list brings up the list of tasks that you are assigned, have created or are following.)  


  • If you're already in the web app, find the task that you want to unassign, and click on it to expand it.  (If you're not sure how to find the task that you are looking for, click here to learn how to search for tasks.)
  • Move your cursor (mouseover) over the assignees, and a delete icon (garbage can) will appear next to each one.  Click on the delete icon to remove an assignee.
  • After you remove someone as an assignee, they will still be following the task.  You can remove yourself as a task follower, but cannot remove anyone else, so users will have to remove themselves.  To stop following the task, click on the three vertical dots on the right side of the task.  Then, select "Unfollow."  You can learn about following and unfollowing tasks here.  
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