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How to remove or delete a task

There are two ways to delete a task within To-do bot:  

- Within Slack

- In the Workast web application


When you first create a task in Slack, a drop-down message menu will appear underneath the task.

The "remove" option will delete the task that you have just created.

If the task was created a while ago, you can still delete the task.

You will need to know what the task ID is. This is the blue link next to the task shown below


To remove a task, type: /todo remove, followed by the task ID

e.g. /todo remove TF7U

TIP: You can remove multiple tasks at once, just include the task IDs.

E.g. /todo remove TF7U TCH1 TVAT

Workast web app

In Slack, find the task that you want to delete by typing /todo list in the channel

Click on the blue link which is the Task ID which will take you to the Workast dashboard.

Alternatively you can login to the Workast by clicking this link

The link will open Workast at the Task details page for that specific task

On the top right-hand corner there are three vertical dots.  Click on this menu, select "Delete" and follow the prompts.


If you have deleted the task by mistake, you can click on "Restore it" to put the task back into the to-do list

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