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Task Details Page Explained

When you create a new task, the task ID is clickable and in blue.

Click this link to go to the task details page in Workast

Once you click the link, you will be asked to sign-in with your Slack account.

Sign into your Slack team with your credentials to proceed to the task details page

Below is the Task Details Page.

The features of the page has been numbered for this tutorial which will be explained below.

  1. Done Button: When you press this button, it marks the task as done. This will complete the task. You can undo the task by clicking the button again. This will put the task back into Open.
  2. Task Details: This is the details of the task. If the task was created in Slack, it is the details that followed the /todo command. E.g. /todo Make modifications to logo
  3. Task ID: This is the task ID which is used to identify the task in the list.
  4. List name: This is name of the list in the channel. The channel name is clickable, and will show all the tasks for the list when clicked.
  5. Select a due date: You can set a due date for the task by clicking the link here. The due date can also be removed.
  6. Click to enter description: Click this space to enter a description about the task. Be sure to click the save button.
  7. Add a comment: Users can add comments to a task. Be sure to save the comment.
  8. Activity of the task: All changes and activity such as marking a task as done, undoing a task, adding a description or comment, assigning new team members etc will be shown here.
  9. + sign to Assign team members: The + sign is to assign a team member to the task. You can start typing the name of the user, or choose a team member from the list shown.
  10. ?: The question mark is a link to the tutorial which will explain the task details page. There is also a link to this Knowledge Base.
  11. Trash Can: The trash can will delete the task. If you would like to remove the task from the task list, use this function.
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