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Task Details Page Explained

When you create a new task, or populate your tasks by using the /todo list or /mytodo list commands, you'll see a blue four-digit task ID next to each task name.

Click this link to go to the task details page in the Workast web app.  

Once you click the link, you will be asked to sign-in with your Slack account.

Sign into your Slack team with your credentials to proceed to the task details page

Below is the task details Page.

The features of the page has been numbered for this tutorial which will be explained below.

  1. Done Button: When you press this button, it marks the task as done. This will complete the task. You can undo the task by clicking the button again. This will put the task back into Open.
  2. Task Summary:  The details of the task. If the task was created in Slack, it is the details that followed the /todo command, in this case, /todo Fix warning in List View.
  3. Task ID: This is the task ID which is used to identify the task in the list.
  4. Pop-out button:  Press this button to fully maximize the task in a tab, allowing you to see all task activity and comments.
  5. Due date: You can set a due date for the task by clicking + or "Select a due date." Due dates can also be edited and removed here, and start dates added.  You can also set up repeating tasks.  
  6. Description: Click this space to add, edit, or remove a description.  Make sure you hit save!
  7. Comments: Users can add comments to a task, remove or edit comments, and tag users in comments.  Be sure to save the comment!
  8. Attachments: Here you can attach files to your task, and you'll see any files that have been attached.
  9. Assigned: The + sign is to assign a team member to the task. You can start typing the name of the user, or choose a team member from the list shown.  You can also unassign team members here.  
  10. Tags: Tags quickly and easily label tasks.  You can add, edit, or remove tags here.  
  11. Subtasks: Subtasks let you break down one large task into smaller sections.  You can add subtasks here, and click on existing subtasks to edit them.
  12. Followers:  Add a task follower by clicking on the + sign.  (To learn how to unfollow tasks, click here.)
  13. Apps - The Github, Bitbucket, Time Tracker, and Google Drive integrations will show here if they have been added to your team or space.  Click on them to use.  
  14. Task menu (three vertical dots) - The task menu allows you edit the name of a task, delete a task, unfollow a task, assign the task to yourself, clone the task, or move the task to a different list in the space.  
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