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How to stop or customize daily reminders

You can top or customize daily reminders by clicking the link in the reminder message which says "Click here to customize your notifications"

This message is received via todobot through a direct message on Slack.

This will open up your Settings page in the To-do Dashboard.  You can also access this page directly in Workast, by clicking on your avatar in the upper right-hand corner of the page, and then selecting "Preferences."

To turn off Daily reminders, click switch to the left next to where it says "Send Daily Reminders"

This will turn off all daily reminders

You can also customize your daily reminders to adjust when they are sent, and also to include tasks with no due date.  Those options appear when daily reminders are turned on by having the button slid to the right.

  • To select or remove notifications on specific days of the week, click on the day that you wish to change- selected days will have a red box around them
  • To change the time of day when you receive your reminders, click on the drop-down menu with the times and select the time that best suits you.  Reminders can only be set at the beginning of an hour.  To receive your notifications at the correct time, your time zone preference must be set accurately.
  • To adjust the setting for receiving reminders for tasks with no due date, either slide the button to the left (off) or to the right (on) to change the setting.
  • You will receive a confirmation pop-up that the changes have been saved.


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