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How to create a to-do list/space in a private channel

In Slack, head to the private channel where you would like to create the new list in.

Type /todo and press enter

This will create the new Space (formerly "List")  in the To-do Dashboard

The private channel will come up as #privategroup*. Therefore, it is recommended to change the name of the to-do list by clicking on the name and changing it to something that is recognizable.

*Slack does not provide us information of the name of private channels

To change the name of the Space:

  • Open the Space in the Workast web application.  (You can do this either by clicking on the space name in the web app or by typing /todo list then clicking on the "Open in Workast.")
  • Move your cursor to the Space title, and edit the name.  Hit enter to confirm the change.
  • A pop-up message will appear, confirming the name change.

NOTE: If other team members who are participants of the private channel list cannot see the space/list in their Dashboard, advise them to type /todo in the private channel.


Please note that the ability to create spaces in private channels is a feature of Premium (paid) plans and is not available on Essential/free plans.  To learn more about our plans, click here.

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