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How to create a tag

Tags are a great way to quickly label and identify tasks.  Tags can be be created, and tasks tagged, either in Slack or directly in Workast.  Standard (free) Workast accounts can access up to 5 tags per account.

Creating and using tags in Slack

  • Click on the drop down menu under a task, and scroll down to Tags
  • To use an existing tag, simply click on the tag(s) and the tag label will be added
  • To create a new tag, select "create new tag" which will bring up a pop-up menu, allowing you to create the new tag name and color

Creating and using tags in Workast

  • Open up the task in Workast by double clicking on it
  • On the right hand side of the screen, either slick on the + symbol next to the Tags label, or click on "Select a tag"
  • To use an existing tag, select the tag that you want to use.  The tag indicator will appear next to the task number, visible even when the task details are minimized
  • To create a new tag,, select the "Create a new tag" option, then enter the tag name and click on a color choice to assign a color to that tag.
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