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Removing and adding users from and to the My People view

Users can be removed from the My People view in Workast, simply be clicking on the X to the right of their name under the People heading.  Please note that this will only remove their name from view - it will not delete any tasks that were created in that People space.


If you'd like to learn how to remove a user from your entire Workast team so they can no longer user Workast, click here.  

To add users to your People view, click on the + button next to People, and either click on the user name, or type type his/her name in the "Search for a user" field then click the name when it appears.  This will create a direct People space between you and the user if you have not created one before, or bring your People space back into view.

If you want to learn how to add users to a space, click here.

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