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How to follow a task

Some tasks need to be completed by only one or two people, but involve several others.  You can collaborate and keep up to date on tasks that you neither created nor are assigned to by being a follower.  Followers get notifications on task updates and comments in Slack, and their comments are added to the task history.  

Assigning yourself as a follower

  • You will automatically be assigned as a follower for any task that you create or are assigned.
  • To assign yourself as a follower, open up the list where the task appears.  Left-click on the right side of the task and select "Follow"

Assigning another user as a follower

  • To assign another user as a follower, open the task details, and click on either the + symbol next to "Followers" or the text underneath directly underneath.  
  • A pop-window will appear where you can search for and add followers


Unfollow a task

  • To remove yourself as a task follower, simply left-click on the right hand side of a task in your list and hit "Unfollow"
  • While you can remove yourself as a follower, you cannot do the same for other users.  Each user can only unfollow tasks for themselves.
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