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Message menus in Slack

Message menus in Slack are a great way to edit and customize tasks without having to leave the Slack environment.  All of the following are possible using the drop down message menu that appears directly underneath the task when created:

  • Completing the task
  • Assigning the task to yourself or others
  • Adding or changing the due date
  • Editing the task and/or adding a description
  • Adding a comment
  • Removing the task
  • Adding the task to a sublist or creating a new sublist
  • Adding a tag to the task or creating new tags

Completing a task using the message menu

To complete a task using the message menu, click the menu and select "complete."  A channel notice will occur to confirm task completion.


Assigning tasks using the message menu

To assign a task to yourself, click on the drop down menu and select "Assign to me."  To assign a task to others, select "Assign to" and a separate drop down menu will appear underneath the task, where you can search for and click on a user.  A cancel button is available to the left of the list of assignees should you wish to cancel assigning the task.

Adding or editing a due date using the message menu

To add due date using the message menu, select "Set due date" from the drop down menu.  A second menu will appear on the next line, allowing you to either enter a date and time. or giving you default drop down options such as "Tomorrow" and "In 2 days."  Selecting a default due date, or entering one and selecting it, will set the due date.  To change the due date, simply clink on "Set due date" again, and amend the date.  

Editing a task and/or adding a description using the message menu

To either edit a task name and/or add a description, select "Edit" from the drop down menu.  A pop-up window will appear to enable you to edit the task and add a desciption

Adding a comment using the message menu

To add a comment to a task, simply select "Add comment" from the menu, and add your comment in the window that appears.  Hit "Save", and a confirmation message will appear that your comment has been saved.

Removing a task using the message menu

To remove the task, select "Remove" from the menu.  Confirmation on screen that the task has been removed will appear.  

Using and creating sublists in the message menus

  • Either create a new task using the /todo command or navigate to an existing task.
  • Select the message menu and scroll down to Sublists
  • To add the task to an existing sublist, select the name of the sublist
  • To create a new sublist, select "Create new Sublist" from the menu, and a new pop-up window will appear
  • Name the new sublist, and press save to complete the sublist creation

Creating or using tags from the message menu

  • Click on the message menu under a task, and scroll down to Tags
  • To use an existing tag, simply click on the tag(s) and the tag label will be added
  • To create a new tag, select "create new tag" which will bring up a  pop-up menu, allowing you to create the new tag name and color
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