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Review all your tasks in an easy to read calendar with view of month,  week or day. Easily see when a task is due and plan accordingly!  The calendar includes links to each task, and the ability to complete tasks in all views.  Completed tasks are indicated by a strike-through line across the title.

To open the calender, click on the "Calendar" link on the left side of the page. It has 3 views - day, week, and month.  To adjust, click on the drop down menu and select your desired view.  Use the right and left arrow keys to navigate backwards and forwards to different days, weeks, and months.  

You can click on a task to open a pop-up for more information about the task, and to complete it.  To change the assigned date of a task, or to make any other edits to the task, click on the "More Details" link to open the task in Workast.

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