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Slack commands

The following commands can be used in Slack:

/todo Create client proposal

Create a new task by typing /todo followed by the task details

/todo Create client proposal 5/31 @scottsmith

Create a new task, set a due date and assign a team member all in one command

/todo due TXXX Monday 3pm

Set a due date to an existing task by typing /todo due with a task ID followed by the date and time

/todo assign TXXX @scottsmith

Assign an existing task by tagging the task ID with a username

/todo done TXXX

Complete a task by typing "done" with the task ID

/todo list

List all open tasks in the channel.  This will only be visible to you.  (You can share the list with the entire channel by clicking "Share" after the list is populated.)

/todo remove TXXX

Remove a task by typing /todo remove with the task ID

/todo edit TXXX Write new task title here

Edit an existing task by typing /todo with the task ID and then the new text for the task.  You will replace the existing text with your new text.

/mytodo list

See your tasks across all channels.  This can be used in any channel, and will only be visible to you.

/todo list done

Shows the completed tasks for that channel


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