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Creating a task from a Slack message

You can now create a task from a message already entered into Slack.

To create your task:

  • Mouse over to the right of the text, then click on the 3 horizontal dots ("more actions" button.)
  • Select "Create a Task"
  • A pop-up will appear, allowing you to create a task.  The Slack message will be the default task title, but can be edited.
  • You can also add a description, assign the task to a single team member, and add a due date as applicable.  The due date can be manually typed, or one of the preset options can be chosen.
  • Click "Create" to create the task.  (To cancel the task creation, select "Cancel.")
  • The task will then be created.  The standard drop-down message menu is available under the task creation message, to allow for additional customization, such as adding additional team members and tags.

Please note - the message action feature is not yet available for Slack teams that are on the Enterprise/Grid plan.

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    Timothy S Sewell

    Would be really useful to be able to also choose the space you want to add the task to. At the moment this feature is only of use if you are in a channel which has a linked space, otherwise a new one is created.