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Using email to create a task

You can now create tasks by sending an email from the email associated with your Slack/Workast account.  You can create a task for any standard public or private space/channel in which your are member.  

Please note that People and Personal spaces must have tasks created in either Slack or the web app as email task creation is not available in those spaces at this time.

Setting up the space to accept emails

  • To set up a space to accept emails, scroll down the bottom of the space.  you will either see an existing email address to use for the space, or you will need to create one.  
  • To create the email address for the space, either click "Set up" at the bottom of the space, or click on the three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner of the space (the space menu) and select "Settings."
  • The settings page for the space will open.  A "Unique identifier" will need to be entered to create the email address for the page.  The most common choice would be to use the space name, although other names can be use.  Spaces and special characters are not allowed in the unique identifier.
  • Once you have entered your unique identifier, click "Save."  You will be returned to the space.  The email address for the space will be visible at the bottom of the page.
  • As these are unique identifiers, you cannot have the same identifiers for multiple spaces.  

Creating the task

  • Open the email account that is associated with your Slack/Workast account and compose a new email.   You can copy the email address from the bottom of the space into the "To:" section, or even save the address as a contact.  
  • You will only be able to successfully email the task to one space.  If you enter the email to multiple spaces, the task will only be created in the first one.

Quick tip - you can also enter the space email address in the BCC section to successfully create the task.  That can be useful if your team may "reply all" to the task creation email as it will prevent duplicate tasks from being created.

  • The subject line in your email will be the task title.  For example, if you want to create a task to review conversion reports in your salesteam space, your email subject line would be "Review conversion reports."  
  • Send the email to create the task.  You will get an email receipt confirming the that the task has been created, and with a four-digit task ID and link to the task.  
  • You can click on the task link to open the task in the Workast web app

Adding a task description/email signatures

  • Please note - any text in the body of the email will be added as the task description.  You can either enter a description or leave the body of the email black - however, if you have an automatic signature in your email, it will show in the task description if it's not deleted.  

Assigning the task

  • To assign the task you are creating, add the email of the assignee(s) as additional recipients.  For example, if I wanted to assign the task "Review conversion reports" in the salesteam space to both Blake and Sarah, the email I would send would look like this:
  • The created task would look like this:
  • You can assign tasks to yourself and any user in the channel/space, with no assignee limit.  Users that are assigned a task will receive a copy of your task creation email, as well as the task creation email, and the todobot notification that they have been assigned a task.  

Adding followers to your task

  • Along with adding assignees, you can also add task followers.  Simply add the email of anyone you want to add as a task follower in the CC section of your task creation email.  So, if I wanted to assign Kay as a follower to the above task, and add a description that she was following the task to help with questions, the email I would send would look like this:
  • The task created from that email would be:
  • You can only add people as task followers.  Adding an email for a space in the CC section will not be successful.

Adding an attachment or file to a task created by email

You can add an attachment to a task created by email.  Attach your file or files to the email, addressing them as instructed above, and adding assignees and followers if desired.


The created task from that email would be:

Please note - we have not added the ability to add a due date to emailed tasks as of yet.  

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