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Quick start guide

Welcome to Workast. Here is a guide to get you started on using Workast. This article will help you learn the basics of using Workast so you can start managing projects and tasks.

Logging into Workast

Each team has their own personalised Workast login which consists of your Slack team domain E.g.

You can also login to Workast by clicking here:  TIP: Bookmark this link!

Use your Slack credentials to login to Workast.

Creating a task

On the left-hand taskbar, click on the space where you will be creating the task.

Click on "Add a new task" or the red + and this will show you where you can start typing your new task.  You can add a new task in any list in the space.

Type the details of the task to create a new task and press enter to save.

  • The task has now been created in the space.

Assigning tasks to team members or yourself

There are two ways to assign tasks in Workast:

  • When you are creating a task
  • After the task has been created

Assigning a task during task creation:

  • Type your task title as described above - but before you hit enter, either hit your tab key or click the + person icon
  • A list of users in the space will populate.  Click on the name of a user.  That will create the task, and assign it to that person.

Tip:  You can search for more users in the space by typing in their name.  If a user is not found, you will need to add them to the space before they can be assigned a task.  You can learn how to do so here.

Assigning a task after the task has been created:

  • Click on a task to expand it
  • On the right-hand side of the task, either click on the + next to the "Assigned" heading or click "Assign task to a user"
  • A list of users will appear.  Click on a user to assign them to the task.  Repeat the action to add more assignees to the task.  

Tip: To delete an assignee - mouse over their name under the "Assigned" heading.  A delete (garbage can) icon will appear.  Click on the icon to remove the user as an assignee.  

Setting a due date and time

There are two says to set a due date and time for a task in Workast:

  • During task creation
  • After the task has been created

To set a due date for a task during task creation:

  • Type your task title, then before hitting enter, type your due date in natural language.  For example - if tomorrow is Friday, May 25th, you can enter the date as "Tomorrow." "Friday." "May 25" or "5/25."  If you wish to add a time, add that after your due date. E.g. May 25 9am 
  • Hit enter to create the task

To set a due date after the task has been created:

  • Click on a task to expand it
  • On the right-hand side of the task, either click the + next to the "Due Date" heading, or click "Select a due date."
  • A calendar pop-up will appear.  You can either type the date in using the month/day/year format (MM/DD/YYYY) or use the calendar to click on a date.  You can use the arrow keys to the left and right of the month to scroll through the months.    
  • Click the green "Save" button to complete the addition of a due date

Tip - The time can be entered either using the 12-hour or the 24-hour clock, however once created, the time will show in the 12-hour clock format.

Changing a due date

To change a due date or time:

  • Click on the task to expand it
  • Click on the current due date
  • To change the date, either type over the current date, or click on a new date on the calendar
  • To change the time, click on the time showing and edit it accordingly.

Completing a task

To complete a task:

  • Click on the space that contains the task that you want to mark as complete.
  • Navigate to that task, and click the grey check mark to the left of  the task name to mark the task as done.  You can mark multiple tasks as  complete, one right after the other
  • The completed task will move to the bottom of the space, under the "Completed Tasks" heading

How to undo a completed task

You can undo a completed task by clicking on the green check  mark.  This will mark the task as not complete, and move it to the default list in the same space.

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