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Invite your team members

It's great when you're productive and efficient at work.  It's even better when you can help your whole team get their work done.  Getting everyone at work to use Workast may be a daunting prospect, but it's actually pretty easy!  Here's the onboarding process that we suggest:


1. Invite a small team to try Workast

  • Create a space for you and a few team members to try Workast by following instructions here.  
  • Invite a few members of your department whom you work with closely, or perhaps various team leads that could see how Workast would help each part of the company operate more effectively. 

2. Show off what Workast can do

Workast has a ton of features, and we're constantly growing and expanding.  It's easy to get overwhelmed, so some simple benefits include:

  • Make tasks and to-do lists out of conversations - no more messy @ tags to try to follow up on
  • You'll know who's working on what, and when it's expected to be done - so you spend less trying following up and chasing down people, and more time being productive
  • See the part you play - You'll see how your tasks affect the whole team or project, assist on tasks that you are following, and get questions answered by people who are following your tasks.  Teamwork really isn't just another buzzword.

3. Invite more of your coworkers to Workast

Once you've had the initial test run, it's time to invite more of your team to Workast.  There are several ways you can invite people to use Workast, including:

  • Assign them to a task, as shown here
  • Add them to a space, as show here
  • Create a task via email, and either assign it to them or add them as a follower, shown here

4. Next steps after more of your team is using Workast

Workast is happy to help with your team's onboarding.  Feel free to email our team at, or sign up for our complimentary webinar at

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