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What Workast can do

We're know that you're busy - and we know how important it is that you and your team manage your day and your work, quickly, clearly, and efficiently.  That's why at Workast, we have simple solutions for every type of company, with a flexible product that can grow with you.  

Check out our list of features to learn even more about how Workast can help your whole team with any sized task or project.

Project Management

  • Spaces - Spaces can be either public or private. A Space represents your project, a place where you compile all your work, clients, a sales cycle, a sprint, development project and so on. 
  • Lists - Lists are customizable and categorize the tasks within a space. Create a list for different stages of your project or for every unique client. 
  • People - People are individual users within your workspace who you can create private tasks with. Only you and the other person can view the tasks. 
  • Tasks - Create tasks quickly and easily
  • Subtasks - Break down tasks into small, more manageable parts
  • Attachments - You can attach multiple files to either main tasks or subtasks
  • Assigning a task - Making sure the correct task gets to the correct person
  • Setting a due date and time - Always be on time
  • Recurring due dates - Customize your repeat schedule
  • Cloning a task - Multiple team member can each complete a task
  • Templates - Quickly import tasks instead of having to re-create them
  • Tags - Quickly label a task
  • Followers - Keep informed on task progress, or assist with questions
  • Comments - Ask a question, or give additional information on a task


  • My Tasks - Instantly seethe tasks that are the most important to you
  • Searches - Find your the tasks you need to see
  • Saved searches - A smart way to keep priority tasks handy at all times
  • Calendar - Plan your work according to when it's due
  • Filters - See spaces the way you want to see them



  • Slack - Turn your conversations into to-do lists
  • Email - Creating tasks via email, in the office or on the go
  • Zapier - Zap your way into greater productivity and efficiency
  • Time tracker - Log your time spent on tasks and turn it into convenient reports
  • Calendar - Premium (paid) users can sync their Workast to calenders they already use
  • Google Drive - Attach your Google drive files to tasks easily
  • Github and Bitbucket - Manage your pull requests from within your tasks
  • Help Center - Need a hand?  Search for answers here.
  • Premium plans - Information on our Premium and Enterprise plans can be found here
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