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Using the Board View

Accessing your boards

To open the board view of a space:

  • On the left hand side bar of Workast, click on a Space. The default view is currently the "Lists" view
  • Click on the "Board" tab next to "Lists" to open the board

Spaces now have a board view to enable you to organize your work visually, allowing an easy option to see how close to completion a task is, or where in a project a to-do falls.   Your spaces haven't changed, but the lists can now be viewed as columns in the board view.  Here's an overview of how the board view works:

Adding tasks to your board

To add and customize customize tasks:

  • Click on "Add a new task" under the appropriate column"
  • Type your task title
  • Click "enter" to create you task
  • A task creation confirmation pop-up will appear in the bottom left corner of your screen

Customizing tasks in your board

Clicking on a task will open up a side panel, which will allow you to customize the task as follows:

  • Task completion - the completion check mark is at the very top, next to the task title - select to complete a task.
  • Set a due date - use the calender icon at the in the top left -  click + to expand to add or edit a due date.  (Tasks cannot be set to repeat in board view yet - this will be amended in a future update.  To edit repeating tasks, use the list view.)
  • Add assignees - use the person icon in the top right - click  + to expand to add or edit assignees.  To remove assignees, click on  one of the users' avatars then press the delete button (garbage can  icon) next to the user(s) that you wish to unassign.
  • Add tags - the tag icon is directly underneath the calendar - click + to add or edit tags
  • Add task followers - the follower bell icon is directly underneath  the people - click the + to add followers.  Please not that you can add  task followers here but cannot edit them.  (You can remove yourself as a  follower by clicking on the 3 vertical dots on the subtask header.   Other followers have to remove themselves. For more information on  assigning followers, click here.)
  • Description - Add or update the task description by clicking under the Description heading
  • Attachments - Either drag attachments to "Drop a file" or click "Browse" to browse your system to attachments.
  • Subtasks: Add a subtask and assign it to a team member
  • Comments - Comments can be added under the "Activity" heading

Clicking on the X in the top-right corner will exit the side-panel.

Moving tasks in the board view

To move tasks in the board view

  • Click on the task, and drag it over to its new position
  • An opening will appear between the tasks, once that opening appears, drop the task into its new position
  • Tasks can be moved either within the same column, or to another column

Moving columns

To move the columns, just drag and drop them to change their order.

Please note that the list view and the column view are the same, so changing the order of one view will adjust the other view accordingly.

Completing tasks in your board

Completing tasks can be done two ways in your board view:

  • Click the check mark next to the task title in the full board view
  • Click the check mark next to the task title in the editing subpanel

Completed tasks will move to the the 'Completed' column in the Board View

Creating new columns for your board

To create a new column:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Use the horizontal slider to scroll past the right-most column.
  • Type your new column/list title in the text space where it says "Create a new list."
  • Hit "enter" to complete the creation.  A list creation confirmation will appear in the bottom-right corner of your screen
  • Once created, it will be visible as a list in the lists view, and as a column in the boards view
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