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How to create a task

There are two ways to create tasks in Workast:

  • Creating tasks in spaces
  • Creating tasks using the task creation shortcut (+)

Creating Tasks in Spaces

On the left hand side of Workast, click on the space that you would like to create a new task in.

Click on "Add a new task" or the red + and this will show you where  you can start typing your new task.  You can add a new task in any list  in the space/channel.

Type the details of the task to create a new task and press enter to save.

The task has now been created in the space.

For more information on adding assignees and due dates, visit our Quick start guide.

Creating Tasks Using the Shortcut (+)

  • Mouseover the + button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen  in the Workast web app.  The + will turn into a pen icon and the text  "Create a task" will appear - click on the pen.
  • A new task creation window will open.
  • If you will be creating multiple tasks, check the "Create another" box in the bottom left
  • In the top of the screen, choose the space where you would like the  task from the drop-down menu by clicking on the arrow key to the right  of the first space name.  
  • Once the space field is chosen, a list field will populate - choose  the list for the task in the same way, using the arrow to the right to  scroll through the possible lists.
  • Type the task name in the "Summary" field.
  • Enter a description if desired by typing in the description field.
  • Add a due date if desired by clicking the + next to "Due Date" or "Select a due date"
  • Add an assignee if desired by clicking on the + next to "Assigned"  or "Assign task to a user."  Click on the user from the populated list,  or enter his/her name in the "Search for a user" field.    Repeat for  additional users
  • Add a tag if desired by clicking on the + next to "Tag" or "Select a tag"
  • Click "Create" to create the task
  • If you checked the "Create another" box, the task creation field  will reappear again so you can create more tasks.  When you are about to  finish creating your final task, un-check that box to exit the screen.   You can also select "Cancel" at any time to exit the task creation  screen.

To create a task for multiple users to complete independently:

  • Complete the same steps as above (create a task using the shortcut key), however, after adding your second  assignee, a check box will appear under the assignees that reads "Create  a task for each assigned" - click that box.  Repeat the process to add  as many assignees as you like.
  • Continue completing the task.
  • Click "Create" to create the task. This will create a separate task  for each of  the assigned users to complete independently of each other.  

For more information on how to create tasks in Slack, see our guide here.

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