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How to create a task

Creating tasks is core to Workast. Tasks capture the work that needs to be done in a Space. Tasks can be delegated to a team member, a due date set and details added.

Create tasks using the shortcut button

From any screen, click on the big round + button at the bottom right hand side of Workast.

  • Space: Choose the Space where the task will be created in.
  • Summary: This is the task you are creating. Ensure it is detailed and precise
  • Description: (Optional) Add any additional information about the task here
  • Due Date: (Optional) Add a date that the task is due
  • Assigned: (Optional) Assign the task to a team member and they will be notified to complete a task
  • Tags: (Optional) Set a tag to identify the task

Click "Create" once you have finished writing the task details


Create a task in a Space

On the left hand side of Workast, click on the space that you would like to create a new task in. Click on "Add a new task" or the red + and this will show you where  you can start typing your new task.  You can add a new task in any list  in the space/channel.

Type the details of the task to create a new task and press enter to save.

Start typing the task details. Then press enter to save.

The task has now been created in the space.

Create tasks using email

You can also use email to create a task in a specific space.

Click here to learn more.

For more information on how to create tasks in Slack, see our guide here.

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