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Work on tasks together

Working on tasks with team members is as simple as creating a task. Here are a few ways to work on tasks together to help your projects and workflows move forward.

When assigning tasks to others...

Assign a task

Assigning a task to a team member is the best way to let the other person know what they need to do. The task will show up in their 'My Tasks' section and a notification sent from Workast.

To assign a task to a team member, click on a task or create a new task.

Under 'Assigned' on the right hand side, click on the + button.

Choose a team member from the list or use the search function to find a team member.

Note: You can assign tasks to more than one person but only one person can complete the task

Set a due task on task

Due dates are used to set a task deadline so the assigned team member knows exactly when a task is due.

To set a due date, click on a task.

Under 'Due Date" on the left hand side, click on the + button.

Choose a date and a time (optional).

The assignee will receive a reminder of the task at the set time. If there is no team member assigned, the person that created the task will receive a reminder of the task from Workast.

Include a task description

Add more information to a task by updating the task description with details about the task, any links that could assist and context of the work that is required. Any team members who are following the task will be updated with the new information.

Add an attachment to a task

A picture tells a thousand words. Add more information, documents, images, spreadsheets and more to your task by adding files that will help your team mate complete the task.

Add a tag

Tags are a custom field that can be used to categorize or flag a task. They are unique to your team and each tag is assigned a colour code which can be easily viewed at a high level. Create a tag and add it to your task.

Add a follower

Followers of a task will be updated on any changes made to the task. You can add yourself or another team member as a follow of a task and be notified of when the task is completed, new comments, change of description, update of due dates and more.

Break large tasks into subtasks

Larger tasks can be broken down into smaller subtasks to help assist the assigned person to complete the task. Each subtask can be assigned to a different person in the team and a separate due date set. This will help you and your team members work together to complete tasks.

Responding to tasks assigned to you

Comment on a task

When you are assigned a task, you can comment on the task to keep the followers and creator of the task up to date on the status of the task. Simply click on the task in Workast, and add your comments in the task.

Complete the task

Once you have completed the work for the task that was assigned to you, simply click the check mark next to the task to complete the task. The followers of the task will be notified that you have completed the task. The task will be closed.

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