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What am I working on?

When you start your day at work, it sometimes becomes overwhelming to try and sort through all the work, projects, emails and post-it notes. When you capture your work with Workast, you have all your tasks in one place and you can start your day with a plan so you know exactly what you need to do.

My Tasks

In Workast, the first shortcut in your menu is the "My Tasks" section. This dashboard shows the tasks that are 'Due Today', all the tasks that are 'Assigned to You' and the tasks you've 'Recently Completed'.


Due Today

From 'My Tasks' you can click on 'Due Today' to see all the tasks that are due today that you have created or that is assigned to you. This is a great starting point to plan the work that you need to do.

Simply click the checkmark to complete the task when you are done!

What should I work on next?

Once you've completed the tasks that are due today, you can click on the blue 'Assigned to you' button on the 'My Tasks' page which will show you all the tasks that you are assigned to but not due today.

This is where you can work through your tasks and projects that don't have a set due date.

Monthly Planning

Workast is great for forward planning, especially with your Workast Calendar. You can see all the tasks that you are assigned, followed or created in a calendar view so you can plan your work accordingly.

What have I accomplished?

Workast keeps track of all the work you have completed so you know exactly what you have accomplished. Simply click on the green 'Recently Completed' button on the 'My Tasks' dashboard to see all the work you've done.

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