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Hold a Workast Launch Meeting

Once you and some of your teammates have been using Workast and seeing its benefits, it's time to show Workast to your whole team.  You've gotten a great start already, so it's time to show everyone what you've done, and how they can jump onboard!

The following are our recommended steps for making your launch meeting run smoothly and be well received:

Step 1 - Create a space for your Workast Launch meeting

Here are some of the points that we recommend covering in your launch meeting - each point can be added as a list, or as a task, depending on how you want to organize the space.

  • Explain why Workast is where work gets done for you
  • Demonstrate Workast's features
  • Show off what you like most about Workast
  • Give examples of how you are using Workast as part of your daily routine
  • Share some resources, like our Quick Start quide or our article on Searches
  • Provide your timeline, and the next steps that you are taking

Step 2 - Let them see why Workast works for you

Before the meeting, take a bit of time to note team challenges and how using Workast will help overcome those challenges, and what your overall goal is for using Workast. You can even brainstorm with others in your team that are using Workast to give another great example of how Workast is great for collaboration.

Illustrate the benefits of using Workast:

  • Know who is doing what, and when it'll be done
  • Spend more time actually WORKING, instead of working to figure out who or what is or isn't working
  • See how your work fits in to the big picture and how what you are doing counts towards your organization's goals and success

You can also explain how Workast works with Slack, which you already use, and how easy it is to create tasks in Slack as well as in the web app.  

Step 3 - Demonstrate Workast's features

Show your team how Workast is where work gets done!  Let them know what Workast can do by sharing how our features fit in with your teams workflow.  Start simple, making sure that you hit on topics like:

Make sure that you touch on some of your favorite features.  You might include items like:

Step 4 - "This is how Workast works for me!"

People are different, and different things work for different people.  One of the best features of Workast is how flexible it is - it can be used in many different ways.  After explaining that, you can show specifically how you use Workast in your daily workflow.

Step 5 - Give your team the tools to get them started

  • Our Quick Start guide to get people creating tasks like pros from day one!
  • The link to our knowledge base of helpful articles
  • Our contact us form for direct assistance and support
  • Does your team want a bit more help?  Give them the sign up link for our free webinars here.

Step 6 - Have a plan moving forward

Don't let your launch meeting end without a plan and time goals moving forward.  Here are some suggestions to get your team off to a great start with Workast:

  • Choose your first project or event - something that is simple, and team-oriented.  A process that everyone knows, and that could use some improvement would be perfect!
  • Be patient.  It takes time to learn a new tool!
  • Create a test space where everyone can play around with Workast without fear of making a mistake or deleting or moving something crucial.  Have fun trying new things!
  • Suggest that team members create a recurring task for themselves to remind them to check the Workast space to see other users' progress
  • Try to think of some guidelines or uniform ways to create or name tasks or projects that will make sense to everyone.  Brainstorm with a few colleagues, then once you decide, communicate those guidelines with your whole team.  You can even post them in their own list or space so they can be easily found!

Once you've adjourned your meeting, and you have your plan to move forward, you can start inviting the rest of your team to join Workast.  We can't wait to have you all with us!

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