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Create more spaces

Spaces are where your work lives and by now you should be up and running with creating and managing tasks with your test team. Now it is time to create more Spaces with Workast to help you with your workflows.

Here are a few examples of Spaces that you can create with Workast.

Managing new leads

Create a space with lists (columns) representing each stage of the process. Drag and drop each lead as they progress through the process. Complete any tasks that are lost and this will remove the lead from the process.

Customer Support

Keep track of all customer support requests by adding them into Workast. Create your lists to move the task through the process: Open Tasks, High Priority, In Progress and On Hold.

Click the tick to complete the task from the Space.

Recruitment Process

Track candidate and actions that need to be taken by setting up a Space on Workast.

Use tags to code the colour of each stage of the process and to easily identify which tasks are phone interviews, in person interviews, 2nd stage interviews and so on.

Add the due date and time of the task and use the Calendar view to manage workload.

Software Development Project

Manage engineering projects with Workast by creating a kanban board with lists such as Backlog, In Progress, QA Testing, Live Testing and Done. Assign tasks to each team member and move the task along the workflow once it has been completed.

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