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How to add an attachment/file to a task

You can add an attachment or file to a task or a subtask in any view in the Workast web app.

To add an attachment to a task:

  • Expand the task by clicking on it
  • Either drag and drop a file into the Attachment section of the task, or click "Browse" to search files on your computer or device.  Select the files you wish to add, then click "Open" to add them to the task.

To delete an attachment:

  • Mouseover the attachment so the garbage can/delete icon appears
  • Click on the garbage can icon, a confirmation pop-up will appear
  • Click "Delete" to confirm attachment deletion


To download an attachment:

  • Click on the "Download" button underneath the attachment
  • Follow the onscreen instructions

Please note - file attachments can only be added to tasks through the web app or mobile app and cannot be added in Slack at this time.

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