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At Workast, we made it as simple as possible to track your work, but onboarding a whole team can be a process.  As Workast works best when used by your whole team, it's a good idea to check in regularly with your colleagues and gauge team progress.  As your team progresses in its adoption, it'll be time to see how Workast can be used throughout your entire organization.

Checking in with your team

At this point, everyone on your team should be trying Workast, exploring its uses and beginning to use it in their daily workflow.  It's time to check in to make sure that everyone is moving forward, and that there are no unexpected hiccups along the way.

Create a Workast help space

Have a space created for questions, comments and feedback.  Let your team use the space to ask for help, share their progress, their success stories with Workast, and their challenges. 

Let team members assign tasks to each other to pose questions,  You can also hold a follow-up meeting to discuss the team's momentum, and to set future goals.

Provide resources for common questions

It's a good idea to have a go-to person on your team for help with Workast.  We'd suggest choosing someone who is familiar and confident with the app, and also easy to approach.  

It's just as important to ensure that your team know where to look when they want a quick answer.  We suggest that team members be aware of, and possibly bookmark, the following links:

Moving forward with Workast

Make the change familiar 

Change isn't always easy for people.  Workast uses Slack which you already use, but you can also show your team tools like task creation via email and calendar integration.  You can also connect to multitudes of apps using the Zapier integration.  

Invite other teams

Once your team is up and running, you will probably end up collaborating with coworkers on other teams that aren't using Workast yet.  

Show those coworkers how you are using Workast in your daily workflow and invite them to start using it as well.  You can start small by assigning a couple of tasks based on your joined work, and watch it grow from there.  

Use templates to make common tasks a breeze

Create your own templates and import them into your spaces to help save even more time.  You can also create a space from a template.  Check out our default Kanban Board template to help get you started.  

Share your successes

Tell others in your workplace how much time you've saved and how much more work you've gotten done!  Being more productive is a great feeling, and if you share some examples of how much Workast has improved your efficiency, it will encourage others to give it a try.  The more people in your organization that use Workast, the more it will help everyone.  

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