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Create Workast tasks from new Google Form Responses

When using Google Forms to capture information from your users, customers or staff, there are often action items that need to be done once this form is received.

With this Zapier automation, you can now connect Google Form to Workast so that a new task is created every time a new response is received.

Keep all of your work in one place with Workast and Zapier.

See the Zap in action

Trigger: Use the template above to connect your Google account and choose the correct Google Form that you want to create new tasks with.

Action: Connect your Workast account. This is where the task is going to be created

Edit Template: This is where you can customize how you want to see the information when a new task is created.

You can choose the Space the task is created.

Choose how you want to see the task which is the "Summary".

Set a due date based on when the form response was received.

Edit the description.

The task can also be assigned automatically.

Task is created once Zap is turned on

Now you can create subtasks or add comments to work towards completing the task in Workast.

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