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Tasks/Events with Time Durations - How to add a start and end/due time to a task

Sometimes, there's a set time period in which work needs to be completed.  Tasks are also great when used for meetings or events, especially when used with our calendar integration.  Here's a quick guide on creating tasks or events with a start time, as well as a due/end time:

  • Click on a task in the Workast web app to open the editing panel.  (You can edit a task in any view in a space, or in the My Tasks page.)
  • Under "Due Date" click "Select a due date."
  • The calendar will appear, with an option at the top to "Add a start date."  Click on this option, which will open a new calendar.
  • To select the start date and end date, either click on two dates on the calendar, the first being the start date, and the second being the due date, or edit the dates in the Start Date and Due Date fields.
  • To adjust the due time, edit the times in the Start Time and Due Time fields.
  • Click on Save to confirm the times.

The task will appear in the space's calendar, showing the full duration of the task.  For more information on using the calendar in spaces, click here.  

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