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Using the Task Composer in Slack

Please note - this feature is still in a Beta/Testing phase and currently a work in progress.  If you have feedback on this feature, please submit it here.  

The task composer in Slack allows you to create a task in any Slack channel without having to move to that channel.

To use the task composer:

  • Type the command /todo in a Slack channel and hit enter.  The task composer pane will appear.
  • Click on the drop-down menu under Space and choose the space/channel for your task.  The task will be created in the default list in that space/channel.
  • Type the task title in the Summary line.
  • You can add a task description in the Description section.
  • Click the drop-down menu under "Assign to" to assign the task to a single user.  (You can edit the task after creation to add additional assignees.)
  • Enter a due date either by using the drop down menu or typing your due date and/or time in the due date field.  
  • Once you are finishing creating your task, click Create.

Please note that using the task composer will only create a task creation message in Slack if you create the task in your current channel.  Otherwise, you will receive confirmation of the task creation but it will be only visible to you.

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