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How to upgrade only my team or department

Our Premium plans allows you to upgrade a select set of team members or department within the larger organization.

For up to date pricing and costs, please see our Pricing Page.

  • To upgrade your team, first login to Workast.
  • Click the upgrade button next to the Search Bar to get to the upgrade page.
  • You will then see the pricing and plan options.  Scroll down to compare the different plans.   If you have between 1-5 users, there is a monthly flat fee for the Standard and Professional plans seen here.


  • If you have 6 or more users, click on the 5+ users button to see the per  user cost.  You have the option to pay annually for a reduced per user  cost, or pay monthly.

Interested in our Enterprise plan? Click on the "Contact us" button to be connected to our Premium team or click here. You can also request a demo here.

  • Once you've chosen your plan, click the upgrade button.   You can then choose to upgrade your whole team currently using Workast, only your department, or only certain team members.  
  • Choose the top option to upgrade the whole team.
  • If you want to pick only your department or specific users, select  "Upgrade a subset of users (department.)"   If you don't have a  department name already, you'll be asked to add one.
  • You can then pick people to have on your team.  If you want to  remove users, click on the X to the right of their name.  If you want to  add users from your Slack team, search for their names at the bottom of  the user list then click on the username to add the user to your team.


  • Next, choose your payment plan and complete your upgrade.
  • Teams that have 5 or fewer users are automatically billed monthly.
  • Teams that have 6 or more users can choose between being billed annually which has a reduced monthly fee, or monthly.  
  • Click on "Add Billing Details" to proceed to the next page
  • Complete the billing details and click on "Place Order" (For more details on this step, click here.)
  • Congratulations!  You've just upgraded to Workast Premium.  As  you've upgraded your team, you will be an admin for your team, even if  you weren't before.  To learn what that means, click here.
  • If you have any questions about upgrading your team, you can chat  with our sales team by clicking on the chat button in the lower  right-hand corner of the upgrade page and leaving your email address and  your question.   You can also contact us here anytime.


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