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How to upgrade only my team or department

Our Business Plan allows you to upgrade a select set of team members or department within the larger organization.

This plan is for a minimum of 5 users.

For up to date pricing and costs, please see our Pricing Page.

1. To upgrade your team, firstly login to Workast.

2. Click the round circle with a number inside next to the Search Bar to get to the upgrade page

3. Click on the "Upgrade" link

4. You will then see the pricing options. Under the "Business Plan" click on "Upgrade Now"

5. You will be taken to the upgrade page. You have two options

- Upgrade the entire workspace

- Upgrade a subset of users (team or department) - minimum of 5 users

6. Select "Upgrade a subset of users" and add your team name

7. Choose the team members you want to pay for

8. Choose whether you want to pay annually or monthly

9. Click on "Add Billing Details" to proceed to the next page

10. Complete the billing details and click on "Place Order"

11. Your team has now been upgraded!

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