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How to update or edit a task

Changes happen, and there are multiple ways that you may need to edit a task before it gets completed.  Here's a quick guide to some of the more common updates or edits that you can make:

How to add or update a task description

  • Click on the task to open/expand it.
  • Click under the "Description" heading to open the text field.
  • Type your description, the either press control+enter or click "Save" to save the description.
  • If there is an existing description, you can add to it or edit it the same way.

How to add or edit a due date

  • Click on your task to open/expand it.
  • Click the + next to "Due Date" or "Select a due date" if there is no due date currently.
  • If the task has a due date that you want to change, click on the due date.
  • Use the calendar or type in the due date and time fields to set the due date and time.  
  • Click "Save to confirm the change.


For information on how to create or edit repeating tasks, click here.

For information on how to create tasks with a start time, click here.  

How to add or update an assignee

  • Click on a task to open/expand it.
  • Click on the + next to assigned to add an assignee.
  • Click on the assignee that you want to add to the task.  If you don't see it,or have a long list of users use the search bar to enter the name of the assignee.  Note that only users in that space will appear in the list of potential assignees.
  • To remove an assignee, click on the delete icon (garbage can) next to their name.   Note - this will not remove the user as a follower.  To learn about adding and removing followers, click here.  

How to add or edit a tag

  • Click on a task to open/expand it.
  • To add a tag, either click on the + symbol next to the Tags label, or click on "Select a tag."
  • The tags currently in use in that space will be listed - click the "Show all tags" button to list all the tags in use in the team.
  • Click on the tag that you'd like to add, or click "Create a new tag" to make a new tag.
  • To create a new tag, select the name and color for your tag.  To choose more color options, click on "More colors."  Click "Save" to save your tag, then click on it to add your tag to the task.
  • To edit a tag, click on the tag name, then edit the tag accordingly, and hit "Save."  To delete the tag, click on the delete button and then confirm the deletion by clicking delete again in the confirmation pop-up.  
  • To remove a tag from a task, click the X next to the tag name.

How to add a subtask to a task

  • Click on a task to open/expand it.
  • Click on "Click to enter a subtask" under the Subtask heading, and enter your subtask title.  Hit enter to create your subtask.
  • You can also enter a date after the task title to add a due date, and click tab to assign the subtask to a user during task creation..
  • If you want the subtasks to have the same assignees as the main task, toggle the "Assign to main task assignees" switch to the right.
  • To delete a subtask, mouseover the right side of the subtask, click on the three vertical dots, and click "delete."
  • For information on customizing subtasks, click here.  

How to add or edit task comments

  • Click on a task to open/expand it.
  • Move your cursor to the comment box under the "Comment" heading.  Add a new comment. To save your comment, hit control+enter or click "Send."
  • Any users following the task will receive a Slack notification in their Workast channel that there has been a comment on the task.
  • To edit an existing comment, click "Edit" under the comment, then edit the comment as needed.  Hit control+enter or click "Send" to confirm the edit.
  • To remove a comment, click "Remove" under the comment then click "Delete" in the confirmation pop-up.

For information on how to add attachments to tasks, click here.  

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