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How to upgrade or change your Workast plan

Workast Premium has a number of options and features - for information on the different plans and pricing, please see our pricing page.

To upgrade your team:

  • Login to the Workast web app.
  • Click the round circle with the number inside of it next to the search bar to get to the upgrade.  
  • You can also type "/upgrade" at the end of your team's URL to reach the upgrade page.   So, if your your url is, your upgrade link would be
  • Click on the "Upgrade" link.
  • The pricing page with the different plans will appear.  Click the green "Upgrade now" button at the bottom of your chosen plan.  
  • If you are interested in our Enterprise plan, click on the "Contact us" button to be connected to our Premium team.
  • If you want to only upgrade your particular department or part of your team, click here for information on our Business plan.
  • Add any additional members from your Slack team by typing their name in the "Search users in your team" field the clicking "Add user."
  • Next, choose annual or monthly billing, then click "Add billing details."
  • Enter your billing details and credit card information.  Please note that fields indicated by a * are required.    (Province or county may be entered in the State field.)
  • Credit card expiry dates are entered as the month and year in the format MM/YY.
  • Confirm your information, and click "Place order" to complete your upgrade.  The credit card provided will be billed for the amount listed next to "You pay now" immediately.  

Congratulations!  You've just upgraded to Workast Premium.

If you have any questions about upgrading your team, you can chat with our sales team by clicking on the question mark (?) next to your avatar in the web app, and then selecting "Chat with sales."

How to cancel your Premium subscription

To cancel your Workast Premium subscription, please contact us here.  Please ensure that you include the email address associated with your Slack account, and your Workast team name.  You can also email us at

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