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How to add additional users to your Workast team

Any member* of your Slack team can be added to your Workast team.  You can do so in one of three ways:

  • In Slack - by assigning a task to the user.  Learn how here.
  • In the web app - by adding the user to a space.  Learn how here.
  • In the admin dashboard in the web app - see below.  You must be a team admin to add users using this method.  To learn more about member roles, click here.  

*  To learn how to add guest users to your team's Workast, click here.

Adding new users in your admin dashboard

  • Access your admin dashboard by clicking on your avatar in the web app, then selecting "Manage team."
  • Once in your admin dashboard, select "add user."  You must be in the "All" user view and a team admin to add a user.
  • Begin to type the user's name in the search field, then click on their name when it populates.
  • The user will then be added to your team, and you will receive a confirmation pop-up that they have been added successfully.  
  • If a user has already been added to the Workast team, he/she will not be added a second time and a message will appear that the user already exists in that team.  He/she may have been deactivated if he/she is not appearing on the user list.  To check your deactivated team members, click the "Active" box and change the filter to "Deactivated."
  • To learn how to deactivate or delete a team member, click here.
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