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How to use Workast to plan a product launch

Launching a new product can be stressful. Help your team get your product off to the right start by using Workast, from initial planning to launch day.

Organizing your launch

  • Create a space for your launch.  This will be your "home base" for your launch.
  • Add lists to better organize your space.  This will help break down your tasks in an efficient manner.


Quick tip - for regular product launch lists and tasks, save time with templates!

Invite your team members

Quick tip - Premium teams can use our calendar integration to sync tasks and events with your calendar.  Not Premium yet?  Click here for information on our great Premium plans.

Add the steps to your launch as tasks

  • Establish key goals for your product launch, and use the description field in tasks to expand on specific details.
  • Using tags can help clearly label your tasks.  Simple information like "High Priority" and "Pending Approval" can be easily conveyed on a tag.
  • Use subtasks to break large tasks down into smaller, more manageable portions.

Quick tip - Attach files to tasks to provide more information, or use our Google Drive integration to link Google Drive file.

Keep the flow going through the launch process

Whether large or small, all project launches can be made smoother with Workast.

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