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How to create a department within your Workast team

Workast allows teams to have separate departments within your larger organization.  You can have have an admin for your department, as well as upgrade just your department's Workast plan.

Departments can be created:

  • When you log into Workast for the first time
  • When you upgrade to Workast Premium
  • From your user preferences in the web app

When you create a new department for your Workast team, you will automatically become an admin for that department.  To learn what that means, click here.

Creating a department when you log in for the first time

When you login to Workast for the first time, you'll see this screen:



Click the arrow next to the department example "e.g. Marketing" to bring up your department choices, then select "Create a new department."


Next, add the name of your department, and add users from your team's Workast or Slack if you wish.  Click "Save" to finish creating your department.


Creating your department when you upgrade

  • To upgrade your team, first login to Workast.
  • Click the upgrade button next to the Search Bar to get to the upgrade page.
  • Choose your plan and select "Upgrade."  For complete upgrade information, click here.
  • You can then choose to upgrade your whole team currently using Workast, only your department, or only certain team members.   To learn more about upgrading only your department, or choosing your team members click here.
  • To create a new department, select "Upgrade your department" then move your cursor to your current department name.  Edit the field to your new department name.
  • Once you've chosen your team members, click "Add billing details" to continue your upgrade and department creation.  For full details on upgrading your team, click here.

Creating a department from your user preferences panel

  • Login to the Workast web app.
  • Click on your avatar in the top right-hand corner,  then select "Preferences."
  • Your preferences page will open.   Under the "About Me" section, you'll see your current department, plan and role.
  • Click on your department name then select "Create new department."
  • Name your department and invite additional team members if you wish, then click "Create" to create your department.  
  • Please note that your new department will automatically be placed on the Essential (free) plan.  If your original team was on a Premium (paid) plan (Standard, Professional, etc.) you will need to upgrade again and re-enter your billing information.  
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